Do online fashion companies use social networks to generate more traffic and sales?

Do companies in the online fashion industry use their presence and potential in social networks to gain more traffic and sales? Organizations are well aware that in addition to creating good content for their websites they should also do so for their social networks, but what about the links? Do your social networks have links?

The study, “Social Link Building: Study of the SEO of social networks in the online fashion sector” by OneToMarket, analyzes two quantitative factors to discover the influence of social networks in the positioning and online visibility of companies in this sector.

When these brands are searched on Google, are their profiles in social networks well positioned in addition to the official site or store itself? Why is it important to have links to social networks and position them well for searches of our brand?

Do online fashion companies use social networks to generate more traffic and salesThe answer is simple

Brands have a lot of online competition, affiliates, multibrands, price comparators, etc. Which compete for their own brand keyword. And Google imposes the query deserves diversity of results of a same domain that is going to show in the first page of results for a determined query. Social networks, being domains other than the official store can position on that first page of Google results for brand searches, reinforcing the brand’s share of the brand in Google.

But in order to position social networks well in Google, in addition to the content that is created in them, you must also have a good links profile. Because if as a brand you have a blog but do not promote it and link only from 2 or 3 domains, it will not position well in a context of so much competition.

Through a strategy of “Social Link Building” the brands can coordinate key actions of quality link building to get links of relevance to the social networks of the brand, with the aim that social networks improve their positioning in brand searches . And works. And it works for many reasons; For example, and this is not a minor detail, because it is not the same to try to have a blogger link you to a list of products in your store that the video you have done on the last collection. The latter is much easier, the blogger will link much more naturally to the new YouTube video or blog post in which the brand comments on how the new collection was created than the store or product listings. In the link building the content you offer is the key.

This is perfectly possible to achieve, and the good work of various brands in this regard proves it. For example Camper, that in makes it possible for the search “camper” to appear on the front page not only your website, but also the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, keeping only a competitor (Amazon) in the results Of organic. 

Having said that, what are the main conclusions of this study?

The online fashion shops analyzed do not give equal importance to all their social networks. Already on their website, they prioritize: Facebook is the one that takes the best part, the highest visibility in the links, while there are other social networks that are often not even linked (YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram, for example) .

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social network for years. Despite the growth of other social networks, the use of this social network is unstoppable. This is also evident in the external links that social networks have. The study indicates that Facebook is the most linked, followed by the blog and Twitter. A lot of distance from these three appears YouTube.

So, of course, Facebook is the social network that most often appears on the first page of Google results in the studio for brand searches. Much less frequent is the appearance on the front page of blog results, Twitter and YouTube. This is what social link building can help reinforce, getting links to these social networks.

The online sales in the fashion sector continues to promise high profitability and great business opportunities throughout 2013. The evolution of the sector leaves no doubt, the forecast for 2012 was an estimated turnover of 700 million euros, 45% More than in 2011.

In this way the DBK provides a prosperous scenario for the fashion sector in 2013. The reasons for this boom are due to the high penetration of the Internet in the homes, the increase of the confidence in the electronic transactions and the wide bid and Offers from various stores, but also the great impetus of social networks, which take center stage as tools of visibility and sales support of brands.

The use of social networks to increase online visibility of brands is increasingly important in an environment of increasing competition between brands, multibrand, affiliates, price comparators, etc.

Social media is fashionable. Companies are aware that they must be: they all have their Facebook, Twitter, most YouTube channel, now also Pinterest … On many occasions, it is also noticed that organizations have planning and goals for their networks: for example, attention to Customer on Twitter, or visibility to Facebook promotions, etc. But do these networks receive enough promotion? Do they have good visibility online? Does the SEO of social networks work to make them perform better?

Corporate social networks do not have too many external links. Facebook is the social network with more external links and also the one that contributes more screen to the brands in the brand searches in the results pages of Google.

In fact, 25% of the Facebook of these brands are on page 2, and getting quality links to these platforms would make them rise with some ease to the first page.

In the case of other social networks and blogs of these stores, the figures are very clear: they have fewer links, and for this reason they appear much less frequently on the first page of results.

There is great potential in Twitter accounts, which very often appear on the second page of results. Linking these accounts from external sites, working the SEO of Twitter accounts, will mean giving them more visibility online and going to the front page, making possible competitors who remove brand traffic to the second page.

In the case of YouTube, it is common that some of the channels do not have many updates, new videos. And this influences, but also the few links that have these channels.