Customer service: The new battle is fought in Social Media

Customers increasingly expect more from companies, they are constantly on the line, put to the test by users. 87% demand more attention, expect the company to be there when it is needed. The basis of your success now depends more than ever on the quality of customer service.

Customer service has an increasingly social component

At the time of analyzing the results in the area of ​​customer service, companies so far focused on measuring the degree of customer satisfaction or cost based on response time; taking as reference tangible data, such as the number of registered cases; the index of cases solved in the first moment, the cost of the service and the resources used, as well as the average time invested in solving the matter.

Currently it is necessary to take other issues into account; as much or more important, related to the most human side of the consumer, the one that touches the sensitive fiber. In short, those aspects that can generate engagement, and encourage consumer loyalty or; On the contrary, get your total rejection. These premises are related to consumer sentiment towards the brand, its degree of involvement; the number of likes, followers or votes +1 that the brand receives or the volume of social conversation.

The silent client, doubly dissatisfied

A very important fact to keep in mind is that the consumer does not always address the company to convey their discomfort, the existence of the so-called “silent client” has more weight than one would expect. So much so that, although 83% of customers would forgive us despite the first error, 40% of users would leave the brand after a second setback on their part; and the company would never find out.

The company must be aware that poor customer service management entails the loss of up to 85% of the business volume. 59% of consumers approach brands, try to connect with them to get a better service and expect real attention through the channels that the company has enabled for it. When closing a sale, it is especially important that the company knows how to transmit trust, and respond to users who require it; but the reality is that no less than 78% of customers do not complete the purchase process due to poor service in customer service.

Customer service is the job of all the members of the company

Each department of the company has its own degree of responsibility to the consumer. It is not an exclusive task of those areas directly connected with customer service, all employees, as spokespersons for the brand, should be involved. It is especially necessary to take care of them and turn them into active ambassadors of the company.

With regard to customer service channels, it is necessary to incorporate new customer service channels, closer, and with it, more effective. We are facing the overwhelming figure that 52% of matters are not resolved with a single call. If the brand were able to improve this figure by a single 1%, this would save the $ 276,000 in call center costs.

It is expected that customer service through Social Media will increase by up to 53% in the next year. The goal is to get practically all companies to implement social networks in their system of attention to users, a figure that will be reached around 2020. But the sad reality tells us that more than half of users They have directed Twitter to express their discomfort, they have never received a response from the company. This absence of feedback will be considered shortly, such as not answering a call through the call center.

Companies must be aware that, now more than ever, the customer is always right; and they have to do their part to be close to him and above all, always available when he claims his presence.