Customer confidence is not gained by buying influencers, but by earning evangelizes

All brands want to make a gap in the consumer’s mind, be the first among their preferences; For which it is always very well to have the support of people who recommend them, able to speak on their behalf and influence the purchase decision of their target audience. 

Customer confidence is not gained by buying influencers, but by earning evangelizesThese benefactors of the brand do not come alone, do not appear unexpectedly overnight, but the brand must achieve them. The easiest way is to contact bloggers directly, those professionals who have their own media, where they regularly write about a particular topic or sector, recommending certain products that they have tried or know first hand, along with other related topics.

These blogs have a large audience, which matches the target audience of the brand, so it is relatively easy to send one of your products to the author and encourage him to try it, if he considers it appropriate, to write a Post talking about the benefits of it. In fact, blogging is still the most effective strategy to attract customers. According to NRelate, 1 in 3 users does not use search engines to search for information about the products they are interested in, but prefers other sources; 62% are mainly looking for articles.

How to capture these potential evangelizers?

When determining which bloggers can recommend our products, it is not a question of doing a generic search, in order to find as many candidates as possible, then send them a massive email, talking about the thousand and one wonders of your product , And the great opportunity you offer to have it chosen to promote your product. A blog is not a sales channel, but a means of expression, where the author freely shares his opinion on those topics that interest him; Among which you can include references to a product or service.

Rejects blogs whose content is based solely and exclusively on positive comments on articles; At the end of the day, they are nothing more than an advertising medium, which affects the credibility of the message. Remember that what you are looking for are future evangelizers of the brand, not mere diffusers of a message.

Instead, focus on studying the industry, find out which blogs have the most audience, read their content and review the comments they generate. This way you will find strong candidates, you can assess the quality of your content, and know if you have a loyal audience, the size of your community or the scope of your message.

Make an initial selection, subscribe to them and start to make you notice, in a subtle way, that you do not see the feather duster. Opt to leave comments, tweet any of your articles or share on your Facebook wall. This way you will start to start a conversation, which will allow you to know who of your initial candidates are more accessible.

Try to maintain this contact, so that you can establish a certain relationship, that allows some time these bloggers to look at your product and decide to comment on your articles. If this situation does not occur, consider taking the step, and make a proposal, inviting them to know your product first hand.

Another way to get evangelizers: loyalty to your customers

Your fans will always be your best evangelizers. Never forget, a satisfied customer will talk about their positive experience, which positively influences their environment. SprotSocial reflects that more than half of consumers turn to Twitter to talk well about a product. For its part, HubSpot indicates that 71% of customers prefer to buy products that have read positive comments in Social Media.

Users like to comment on Social Media, give them the opportunity, implementing social comment on your website, encouraging them to share their experience from your social channels and even getting their attention via mailing. Your opinion is worth its weight in gold, do not miss the opportunity to delve into this mine.