Consumer experience digital optimism or tangible reality?

We have talked a lot about the “consumer experience”. Building its meaning from the unique and individual perspective of each one of us. Shelling the term to squeeze it, in search of a new point of view, that leads to learning and, ideally, to a new business idea.

The consumer experience refers to the global process of acceptance with the change of reality.

Almost without realizing past me an easy life and supported by free access to credit, a model in which “both produce, you both have.” The individualism -and as a consequence derived- the high doses of impunity in relation to our acts, became public and questionable through the network who, each time acquired greater specific weight and presence in the real world.

We witness the emergence of social movements, the plummeting of junk television and the slow decline of the written press caused by an “ego” that has ceased to be valid. As a consequence derived from the above, it changes the scale of values ​​of people, interests, needs and the “symbols” of power, which go from being material and tangible to emotional and abstract.

Companies, brands, producers, must be able to establish personal links with their customers, deliver the “training” they require as well as the quality they pursue and incorporate them into the ranks of the brand as ambassadors. Achieving access to new networks of target public and, thus consolidating the growth of its influence, who today measures quality and commitment.

The philosophy inherent in business innovation must be totally different from the cycle prior to the crisis. We need high doses of optimism and energy to face a cycle in which the generation of resources depends exclusively on the ability we have to reach and satisfy our potential customers. While interacting with a fierce and increasing competition.

The consumer experience digital optimism or tangible reality?

Business structures based on traditional schemes are no longer viable. Now we are required to be social, efficient, individually and in partnership with our community.

We must learn to respect, integrate, learn from criticism, take responsibility for our actions. We must be honest, committed and overcome our fears and frustrations and, all this, is already a tangible reality if we return we analyze the specific weight that today is influential.

The consumer experience is born as a result of the digital optimism needed to experience change, but today it is already a tangible reality; the greater the commitment to our ideas, the more passion we will transmit them and that is where the “consumer experience” begins.

Teamwork essential for a tangible consumer experience

Although be careful! The line that separates digital optimism with tangible reality is not without obstacles. It is necessary that the philosophy of building “consumer experience” be present from the early stages of our marketing strategy in social networks.

A non-integrated team, lack of information within the organization, unfair competition among team members, lack of motivation and confidence, will transmit that type of “emotions” in their actions and will cause the breakdown of the Customer Service process, in some of the phases, causing a serious impairment to online reputation …

And these are the kind of crisis that can not be reversed, there is no team, there is no consistency in the messages and motivations, the customer service is just a mirage. That’s where brands and companies abandon the dream of transforming the consumer experience into a tangible reality!