Children teach us lead: Maximum motivation to reverse leadership

Which is expected of a leader it is to lead the way and get the team follow, to say more or less directly what needs to be done to achieve the goals and success? However, it is also possible emanate leadership team and its members. Leadership conversely, in which team members, sharing a common vision and objectives, proposes ways and actions.

Not without risks, the reverse leadership can be highly motivating and generate excellent results. Sure you’re already thinking about some of the risks. You also perceive its motivating power?

This Sunday I went for a walk through the woods with my son Maxi 4 years and my dog Chusco. The idea was to make a journey of 1 hour for a familiar path. But of course, at 2 minutes and my son was looking impossible ravines which come down, or impassable roads. Soon I thought I better let him do instead try to fight him, and anyway what mattered. So just we are dodging stones along the bed of a torrent, for sites where vegetation hardly let us go (we forget the machete at home) and discovered a cave and a huge dinosaur stone. Then I followed him through the mountain, climbing, dodging fallen trees and all kinds of bushes and found a great place to rest. When we wanted to go back to the road, we go down again but we ran into an impassable rampart of about 5 meters high, cut vertically. My son said, “I know, sliding down of ass.” Obviously we not tried that, but still up looking for an area where the original road reach.

Children teach us lead Maximum motivation to reverse leadershipWe meet a higher second path, but increasingly drove away. My son and saw that we were not going well: “I think we’ve lost.” Do not worry, I said, I know where we are, we just have to find a way that allows us to go down. Soon, “we have lost, you have to call the fire department.” Eventually we had to turn around. “We must find the stones,” said my son, marking the woods in an imaginary map. But before we go a long way to a lookout he did not know from where we enjoyed breathtaking views. Maxi was delighted (and me too): “It has been very exciting.” Although the best is always what happens Chusco. I was very surprised that 4 year old son put up with this journey of more than three hours, despite the end in some stretches will carry her.

6 Key aspects of reverse leadership

If you dare to permit the exercise of the reverse, or even incentivize leadership, you may consider the following six key aspects help you:

  1. Our people always can surprise us positively and has many more capabilities than we think. Squander this potential because of a wrong leadership is sad and a great loss of opportunities.
  2. A people must be given freedom to make their own decisions and develop their initiatives, but you also have to accompany them to prevent slipping of ass to pull down an embankment and head open.
  3. There is to let new ideas flow and explore new paths, but experience is necessary to compensate and missed.
  4. We must constantly seek new ways and avoid possible follow known routes, is the best way to achieve extraordinary results and experience worthwhile.
  5. We have to fight to avoid thinking that we know everything and we are the experts who have the last word. We must do battle every day to not stop being children.
  6. In the reverse leadership we consider individual proposals that can be selfish and have ulterior motives; it is also necessary to take precautions.

If your team exercises the reverse leadership, it means that you as a leader have a high confidence in yourself and ambition to achieve extraordinary results. In this area you accept risks of equipment and even personal, and we must be extremely careful, but it’s hard to get as many returns in team motivation and involvement with other types of leadership.

What areas do you apply you reverse leadership?