Can we learn from the mistakes of Social Media?

It is clear that, although companies are very present in the social ecosystem, behind a corporate profile is the person who is responsible for talking and interacting with the audience. If there is something that makes us human, that is, without a doubt, the fact of erring and making mistakes, now, what do we do before an error?

Not all mistakes or mistakes in Social Media are the same. All are of different kinds, and, therefore, there are errors that can cost us more expensive than others.

The ideal is not to make mistakes, but, as we say, we are human, and none of us is exempt from making a mistake at any given time. For that reason, we must keep abreast and put our seven senses (yes, we have five, and …) in the proper management of social networks.

Sometimes, if we are managing a Facebook profile, we can publish an erroneous information or a photo accompanied by information that is not correct: we can all make mistakes, but we must be careful, since that information, even if it was a silly mistake, is It shows many users, among whom, there may always be someone who tells us that it is wrong, creating the need for us to assume that error and apologize.

Nothing happens to be wrong once, but the best thing, before publishing an information, is to contrast it, since there are users who can use that information to attack us and create a bigger problem for us and the situation to arise in a whole crisis.

If our failure is, something very common, to send an inappropriate message in a channel, the thing can be worse. That can tell us the criticism of our audience, and we are not interested in having our users against us, which is why it is necessary to see and review what to share and where.

Generally, when we make a mistake, we usually learn from it, especially if the error is especially significant and brings serious consequences.

Does that also happen with the smallest errors?

Yes. The professional who is dedicated to Social Media is usually very aware that he handles something as important as the image and reputation of a brand, so if he makes a mistake he usually takes good note so as not to make a mistake again.

A characteristic that should be met by the professional is the ability to self-criticize, in the positive sense, and reinvent. Must be able to take their mistakes and continue to perform their work in the best possible way.