Brand work in Middle Partner: Do I work for one or several Community Managers?

At this point, it is indisputable the importance that has any organization or company, whatever size, the figure of the Community Manager, better known as Community Manager.

The Community Manager, and this is nothing new, is the voice that the users hear of a company, it is whoever is related to the audience. The Community Manager is the professional who must know his audience well and communicate to the brand what are the needs that followers need to cover and how to do it.

In addition, the Community Manager must, as we already know well, be able to generate content in case the brand requests it, know how to use social channels in an appropriate way to be able to spread a message effectively and reach the maximum number of possible users, and, although it is not strictly necessary for him, it is convenient that he has something more than basic notions of SEO, of positioning, and of creating strategies.

This happens because, frequently, it is he who performs all these tasks in a company, which is a saving for the company because in one professional there are several agglutinate, but it has a negative part. What happens if the Community Manager can not go to his workplace for a day?

If the Community Manager can not do his job, who is watching the audience ?, and what is more important than who, how does he do it?

The ideal for a brand is that it has more than one Community Manager pending of its audience, in this way none of them will be overloaded and the work can be divided, each one of them being able to pay more attention in less tasks, which will allow them Focus better. But, on the other hand, realistically, if we barely manage to find a Community Manager in different companies, it is much more complicated to find two Community Managers in the same organization.

In this case, and so that the community does not remain unattended at any time, it is necessary that all the workers of the company be able to handle perfectly the social profiles, so that, at specific and specific moments, any of them is able to supply the Community Manager, and have writing skills, in case it is necessary to create content and the Community Manager can not do it for any reason.

That is why the company should not restrict the use of social networks to their employees, because in a moment of need, anyone, from their own social profile can act as a catalyst or be aware of what the audience requires. Any worker must be able, at least, to answer a question on Facebook or to manage a problem via Twitter, which, on the other hand, is so easy, to begin with, as to request an email to deal with the issue in private, with a much more personalized attention.

Therefore, the conclusion is that all workers of a company should be possible Community Managers in functions. As I say, the audience requires constant attention, and it is enough to not address their needs for a short period of time so that we are criticized in Social Networks.