Boosting the efficiency of our marketing strategy in social networks

Words such as business, business, twitter, social networks, social media marketing, are today the engine of social action, the indisputable link between brands and their target audience. We need to reach our clients and we need to socialize. It is imperative that marketing help us relate “more and better”!

Boosting the efficiency of our marketing strategy in social networksWe must not forget that Social Media Marketing has as main objective to build community, maintain its dynamism and benefit from the interaction through a better consolidation of our branding. But neither marketing nor social networks are, per se, sales channels. Having said that and with the focus placed on achieving contact with our target, let’s see some of the keys to evaluate and enhance the efficiency of our marketing strategy in social networks

Presence and positioning

Measuring aspects related to the data collected in the reports is essential to evaluate the consistency of the SEO with our marketing actions and get as close as possible to obtaining an efficient ROI.

Measuring the reach of our brand in social channels allows us to identify the most efficient platform to optimize our marketing actions. At this point it is also necessary to analyze the alternatives that are being used to create customer loyalty by our competitors.

Functionality and structure of the channels

Marketing is a set of actions tending to make us more visible and allow us to reach a greater number of users. Acquiring the architecture of our channels allows us to be sure that, if marketing works, our brand will not be harmed by a lack of optimization. This is a very important and often overlooked aspect by marketing experts in analyzing their strategies.

We have many examples that confirm the importance of optimizing our channels prior to the implementation of a marketing strategy but without doubt, one of the most convincing are the QR Code; unequivocal example of how a highly efficient element can fall into the oblivion of consumers by lack of understanding and efficient operation.

Content, brands still need to be

Since last April Google Panda gave us the new “rules of the game” content has become one of the protagonists of digital business. It is through the content that today we unleash the emotions of our followers and achieve the much desired “Engagement”

And it is through the content that we are transforming ourselves into influential brands, traveling – thanks to the social action of our followers – in a vertiginous way towards an increasing number of potential clients and new business opportunities.

And … We must not forget that the content is not only the texts published in the corporate portal; social action is content, the generation of infographics, audio and video files, etc. … constitute an added value for our marketing strategy.

Interaction, how do we know each other?

Whatever channel or platform is chosen, the only way to let them know is to expose us. Likewise, the only alternative to meet our followers is to talk to them. Social media is for that; To comunicate.

And derived from this interaction, we are able to consolidate an influential and relevant network composed of the sum of particular influences. This is what is called conversion. Your analysis is indispensable if we are evaluating our marketing strategy in social networks.

A brand is a brand, just a message, only a voice

Are there structural differences between what is said of our brand in the online and offline world? Is there consistency of work and presence in social networks is considered within the global enterprise plan as a primary aspect in the analysis of growth?

Surely if we are honest we will realize that we still have to outline the integration of our maca in the offline world. The social effect has arrived to stay, we are more than before a change of business model, before a cultural change. Unification, integration and coherence between “both worlds” are indispensable.

Without metrics we do not have the information to minimize weaknesses

The importance of analyzing the metrics goes beyond transforming the emotions into numbers, thanks to them we approach the ROI of our social actions, which tells us how influential our brand is, a very relevant fact.

If we think about accessing the areas of greatest interest, or especially those that do not arouse any emotion in our target audience, is it not true that through the reports we can make the necessary modifications to our strategies to “direct” the “boring” traffic to the road of conversion?

Finally a reflection, social networks show us the way to relationships, we all know how complex it is to establish strong, lasting and reliable bonds, many of us have traveled through the “era of the disposable” in other times. Fortunately, times have changed and today, social media marketing has as its main goal the satisfaction of customers, not ours!