Advertising investment could grow 2.1%

According to the data of the last forecasts made by Zenith Vigía, the advertising investment could grow by 2.1% during the year.

On the immediate future, media executives are “moderately optimistic” about the future of the sector, calculating that advertising investment could grow around 2.1% during, after two years in which this investment was has reduced by almost a third of its volume.

With this growth, especially driven by the increased investment of online advertising and mobile advertising, it would end a negative cycle. Reasons why, the media executives that are part of the panel consider that “the worst of the crisis has passed for the advertising market and years of moderate growth are approaching”.

This optimism is particularly evident in supports such as mobile phones, where forecasts indicate that advertising investment will increase by 16 percent, and the Internet, with a growth of 12.4 percent, both in graphic and video advertising (12 percent). , 7% more investment) as in search engines and links (12.2% more).

Another medium on which income increases are expected during this year is television, with thematic television being open, where a greater increase in investment is expected (6.8% more), followed by thematic television ( 5.5%), the theme of payment (5.2%) and generalist (3.3%). Meanwhile, the forecast is that the advertising revenues of local chains will fall 3.3 percent.

Faced with these means that improve their forecasts for 2011, the written press, “although they will suffer somewhat less than in previous years, they will still see how their investment is reduced”. Thus, according to the panelists of Zenith Vigía, the advertising investment in newspapers will fall by 3.5 percent; free newspapers, 6.6 percent; the magazines, 3.7 percent; and the supplements, 4.8 percent.

The radio, outdoor advertising and the cinema, will keep practically their advertising investment. In this way, the forecasts indicate that the advertising revenues of the radio increase 0.1 percent in 2011, while those of outdoor advertising fall 0.3 percent and those of the cinema, another 0.5 percent.

The investment in Blogs would stand at 9.8 million euros in 2011, almost 13 percent of the best estimate for 2010. While, the investment in Social Networks could end the year 2011 attracting 22.5 million euros, an amount that exceeds by 21 percent the forecast for 2010; and Internet video, a total of 18.4 million euros, 24 percent more than the best forecast for 2010.