6 Quick Tips to enhance your personal brand in one day

When we talk about personal brand must first fix the frame that I will speak to my personal brand it is: Whoever set of actions that are focused on defining a clear and coherent manner:

– Who you are: academic record, a sector in which you move…

– What you want to achieve: goals, objectives…

– How you want to be perceived: mainly what message you want to give

From my point of view, everyone should have “some personal brand” more than anything because we in a digital society move and is very easy to find information of a 3rd and if we are not careful the sites where we appear most likely give a contradictory message ourselves.

6 Quick Tips to enhance your personal brand in one dayOn a practical level, and much theoretical part to write, we usually agree personal brand mainly for three reasons:

1- Because you want a change in your life: being hired, career change…

2- To expand your business network meet people who can sell

3- Because you want or you are living your personal brand

6 quick tips to enhance your personal brand

At this point I will try to provide six simple actions you can do on a day to improve your brand 2.0:

1- Unify and customize your message to the world: Taking into account the 3 questions I defined at the beginning of the post, is 3-4 sentences that are a true reflection of you. Once you have it you can customize a little message as where post: Facebook will be more informal, on twitter will be in 140 characters (of course) and LinkedIn will capture all your professional activity.

2- Create a nice background to insert into your social networks: This fund you can use for all your social networks, which allow clear although they are the majority. For this you can use a free tool like my tweet space or simply insert a picture.

3 Record a video: If you have the opportunity to edit a good video and it gives you more or less speak in front of a camera, does it. A video captures the attention of more people and so too will be a little more original in your presentation.

4- Take some time to get your feedback: Very simple to do and very effective is to gather a few opinions about the first thoughts that generate your identity 2.0. I know it’s very obvious but sometimes we forget to do it and we may be expressing different to what we had in mind.

5- Program content to follow the same theme and generate interest: What you can do in one day in this direction is set some pieces of content on a single line that brings coherence to your presence 2.0. Think about the theme to go online to the image you want to.

6- Define your radio network or useful influence: Brand well what area or sector that want to intervene and target public want you to lead. To do the best you can do is monitor conversations related to the topics that interest you. Possibly the easiest place to do so is on Twitter.

What are some important tips for you to improve personal brand quickly?