12 recommendations to increase sales at Christmas

It has been a few days since the cities and towns of half the world have dressed for Christmas. Before, even, that the first lights and ornaments filled the streets with color, the first Christmas purchases had already begun.

It may seem obvious, but sales in this period are quite different from the rest of the year. However, these particularities are not always reflected in the way sales are focused on trade. 

Most items are purchased to be given away.

This is one of the main conditions, so I present you with twelve recommendations that will help you optimize your efforts on these important dates for many businesses:

  • You must adapt and focus the sales argument to the receiver of the gift and, therefore, include, or focus on, the sensations that this person will experience and the possible benefits that you will obtain from your purchase.
  • In most cases, you should recommend neutral options . If your client does not come with a definite idea, it is very likely that he does not have a very broad knowledge of the person to whom he will give your product. In these cases, a product at either end will represent a high probability of displeasing the recipient of the gift. With a more neutral option it will be easier to get it right.
  • It is advisable to avoid products that have sizes . In certain types of business it will be unavoidable but, in others, you will prevent your client from taking a gift with which he will be left as careless. It is very frequent that the customer has not taken note of the size and is guided “by eye”, multiplying the chances of failure in the election.
  • Set up an area grouped by prices . In many cases, your client will look for a price more than a specific gift. Many of the gifts that are made at Christmas are “commitment” and many people set a budget, since you have to make a few gifts. Having a grouping by prices, you facilitate the search to your client, you accelerate the sale and you prevent the product from losing attractiveness when compared with other products of greater price.
  • Power the low and medium staggered of your product offer . The highest prices per product are usually paid when the customer buys for himself. When your customer buys for a gift, he generally seeks to make the product cost as little as possible and to make the best possible impression. This combination is more frequent in the lower and middle part of the step of a product.
  • Keep the illusion, create magic . For many customers, buying Christmas gifts is a gift in itself and reminds them of their childhood. Therefore, it is very important to recreate the Christmas atmosphere to maintain or create the illusion and magic. For this, it will be essential, both in the shop window and in the interior, a well-studied decoration adapted to the style of your business.
  • Invest in good packaging . The impact that the gift will have on the recipient will be much greater the more impressive the packaging is. A good gift package will make a difference and will make your customer perceive more value for the same money, so it will be easier for you to remember your store when you have to make another gift.
  • Do not neglect the music . Throughout the year it is important to have a musical ambience according to the line of your business to complete the sensory experience and create some intimacy, but at Christmas, it is essential. Many stores limit themselves to putting, again and again, the same disc of carols, leaving many times out of place. The most recommendable is a combination of Christmas music of the style of your store along with music in the same line as the rest of the year but selected to suggest the sensations linked to Christmas: peace, tranquility, rest …
  • Streamlines all elements of the sales process . Your client will have to make many purchases in a short time and will appreciate that the process is as fast as possible: sale, collection, packaging … Avoiding queues can facilitate many sales in those days. This point is of great importance, because the days of sale are limited and sales that can not be made those days will not be recovered.
  • Detect the products of your store that are being announced on TV, press or other media and place them in prominent places . These ads have more impact on these dates because, who else who less, is looking for suggestions to give and is more receptive than usual. Even if they are not sold, your client will take them as a reference that you are “up to date”.
  • If your product allows it, it guarantees a possible return . Although a small number of clients may try to abuse this facility, it is a factor that gives great peace of mind to your client.
  • Promote children’s activities in your environment . On these dates the children are on vacation and, generally, they accompany the parents to make certain purchases. It is not easy, but, individually or through a Merchants Association, it is interesting that there are children’s activities or daycare. This will make children more predisposed to go to your neighborhood or city and drag parents with them.