11 Ways to use mass calling

Massive calls have a new technology that allows sending messages to a large number of people simultaneously, easily and quickly. Just as well, it is an instrument of communication cheaper and more effective than traditional media.

11 uses of massive calls will be presented:

1) Telemarketing and telesales: The most common use is given to massive calls and it is to automatically contact potential customers in order to market and sell goods or services. It is advisable to previously develop a strategic plan, which clearly specifies the segment of people to whom the messages are addressed and that might be interested.

2) You promote a product: it is based on communicating the differential advantages of a product through an advertising campaign in order to persuade a target audience to buy it. It is advised, studying consumer behavior and segmentation to direct promotions to public interest. As well, this tool should be used with caution to avoid being invasive; which would make the message was rejected by the recipient thereof.

11 Ways to use mass calling3) Conduct surveys: Massive calls can be used as an effective means for gathering data that reveal the habits and study the current market. Any company has the need to obtain this information, which is essential for analyzing the situation and planning strategies to guide us towards making right decisions.

4) Communicate events: Can be used to invite and report the time, date and address activities such as product launches, presales, parties, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, fashion shows, corporate meetings, seminars, conferences, forums, courses, courses, conferences, social gatherings, etc.

5) disseminate information: massive calls can be used to communicate important data to a company; both internally and externally. In addition, it is very useful to implement strategies for corporate communication within an organization.

Also, you can use automated calls to transmit side information (weather, horoscope, jokes, news, etc ??) which is of secondary importance to the . recipients of these messages

6) Send notices of club loyalty: calls can be used automatically to report on the number of miles or points accumulated; as well as to announce the awards won in a loyalty program.

7) Collection: If a company requires to send a message to your customers to pay a debt, you can make an automatic call with the amount and expiration date thereof.

8) Report actions Helpdesk: Calls can be used to perform mass – related cases treated in the Helpdesk notifications or a service Center.

This tool can tell the service requester, for example, the status of the case. It is recommended to use this tool to notify the closure of the case or otherwise opening thereof.

9) Remembering appointments and meetings: Through calls automatically made you can send messages to confirm in advance the time, date and place the encounter with a person or institution. This procedure is done by automatic calls to landlines of patients and are made in two different ways: If the call is not answered and has a voicemail, the reminder will be registered there; on the other hand, if you do not have an answering machine, the system performs automatic three calls at different times to ensure that the person be aware.

10) Alerting in emergencies: If an unexpected event occurs such as fires, floods, gas leaks, bomb threats, earthquakes, natural disasters, bad weather, etc ??; the realization of an automatic call can be very useful to warn and evacuate a lot of people or to report the contingency present.

If there is any impact, an automatic list of people in the area to which must be alerted and will be sent prerecorded messages communicating what to do in that case will be generated.

11) Give notice: Another utility of massive calls is that they can serve to warnings

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