10 Tips to get a good start in the media and social networks

Probably the most difficult thing to start moving in new environments such as social is to start, so it is good to do it on the right foot. Inspired by the Startup Weekend Tampa, Ashley Ray offers us a series of initiatives with which to begin to put the head in the world.

Build a social enterprise from the beginning : create and establish the accounts of social networks while you start to create a base of followers. Use your accounts for more things than just marketing, talk to people and find workers, colleagues or investors. You can even use your accounts to find user-generated content that can be used for future marketing campaigns.

Objectives, strategies, tactics, measure and repeat : determine what your goals are, design your strategy, measure the results, reevaluate, adjust and test again and again. Social networks are constantly changing so join and grow with them.

It is not necessary that you are on all platforms : find out which is your audience and on which platform they move, that is, in which it makes more sense for you to be present. Know the limits of each platform and differentiate your content depending on which of them you upload.

Be constant : develop the voice and personality of the brand on all platforms. Make sure it’s easy for users to find your pages.

Generate content and relevant information : tell your story, transmit your passion. The fans will connect with you much better when they know your story and can identify your brand with a defined personality.

Move traffic to your website and visitors of your Web to social platforms : do not forget to add links and updates on both platforms so that followers know both the pages on social networks and the corporate website of the company. Make sure to place “social” buttons on the home page of your website to make it easier.

Identify the most influential people in social networks and make them followers of your brand: find the fans or organizations to which the rest of followers give greater importance and make them interested in your brand and make it known.

Encourages the creation of content by users : people love to be asked about their point of view. Have fun with your fans doing content creation contests. It is easier for users to share content that they have created.

Do not be afraid to also use offline media : negative criticism inevitably occurs. Apologize and also offer a contact address through traditional media.

Seriously, do not drink and tweet : Yes, this statement explains itself.