10 Simple and effective ways to get leads

Your blog has good content, you are sure that it can be interesting for many people but, once you have worked on its creation, how can you spread it? Who does he get? You need a database of people interested in reading you. You can get it in a relatively simple way, here are a few ideas that can help you:

Trees do not let you see the forest. It emphasizes in a privileged place the section so that your users can subscribe. Do not let your readers have to look for it, put it in front of you. Use large buttons. If it is too integrated with the design of the web, or occupies a small space in a corner, it will cost them more to find it.

Because you worth it.Why would they have to subscribe to your publications? Show them an advance of what they will achieve when they are part of your select group of subscribers. Along with the registration form, include a section of recent articles, where the titles of your last posts appear, or a reference to the most recurrent topics.

Create an exclusive landing page for subscribers. An independent page, dedicated to presenting the advantages of following your creations. Here you will have more space to display your conquest arts, with an attractive design, more information about your content offer. In addition, this page can be optimized for SEO and by itself attract new leads.

Reward your loyalty. Offer them an attraction in exchange for their valuable data.It can be a discount coupon, the exclusive download of an e-book or any added value incentive for your audience.

Promote your blog abroad. Organize attractive actions to win followers, such as a contest, where your participants will have to register to participate. This campaign can be located on your own website, on your social channels or even hire a small promotional campaign in related portals.

Turn your visits into long-stay guests. Loyalty to your casual readers, includes the subscription buttons at the end of each article in your blog. If the user reads your content and likes it, you will have great possibilities of wanting to know more. It is the ideal time for you to give your information.

If they do it, you too If you have a huge amount of followers, do not cut and make it clear on your blog. The subscription form includes a phrase like “X people have already done it, what are you waiting for?” Proudly show your number of subscribers, this amount is a powerful attraction to win more leads.

Convert your social profiles in front doors to your blog. Promote your blog on Twitter, include your posts in exclusive sections within your Facebook profile or link your new creations to your Linkedin page.

Consistency is the key to success.According to the Report on the State of Inbound Marketing, prepared by Hubspot, the frequency of update of your blog determines the growth and maintenance of your subscribers. Users expect quality content with some frequency. If you meet their expectations, going to your appointment with succulent news, you will get loyal followers.

Use your email signature to convert recipients into followers. It includes a brief section, very visual, with a clear call to action. You have the advantage that these users already know you, you could even show them the completed form with the data that you have, so they should only accept your proposal.

What works best when it comes to getting subscribers? On the other hand, have you already subscribed to our publications?