Occupational Health Management Tips

Occupational health and safety, also known as occupational health management, occupational physical, occupational therapy, or occupational therapist, is a multidisciplinary field concerned specifically with the health, safety, and welfare of workers in the occupation. Image credit Occupational health management addresses many areas of health-related work. It is used to define standards of safe work for […]

What is the Role of a Safety Manager?

What is the role of a safety manager? According to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the job of a safety manager is to ensure that hazards are eliminated, risks are reduced, or controlled, and all workers have a safe and healthy environment to work in. A safety manager in the private sector may […]

Have major food companies ‘cashed in’ from Covid 19?

Fast food giants, ultra-processed food makers, tobacco manufacturers and alcohol brands are said to have “leveraged the pandemic for commercial gain”. This is concerning because evidence that non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as obesity, lung damage and diabetes increase the risk of complications from Covid19, according to a new report entitled ‘Signalling Virtue, Promoting Harm’ Image […]

What is medical malpractice

When it comes to treating patients, whether as a doctor, nurse, dentist or mental health profession there are many rules and regulations that you need to follow. This is both to protect those that are being consulted with and treated as well as the medical professionals themselves. Although these professionals take their roles very seriously […]