Do you have a killer product? Are you struggling to reach the right audience? Discoverability is a massive issue, even for the best of products. If you feel that your product or service is not getting the recognition that it deserves, it could be that you need to re-examine your online marketing efforts.
Online marketing has changed a lot in recent years. Even as recently as a few years ago, simply having a website was enough to set you apart from other local businesses, and if you had a presence on Yelp, Tripadvisor or Foursquare (if appropriate) you were well ahead of the curve. Today, that has all changed and the marketing world is far more competitive. You need to have an aggressive marketing plan that includes regular posting to social media, guest blogging, sponsorships and other forms of promotion.

Simple SEO is a good starting point, but it is rarely enough to help a brand become a household name, even on a local level. The most successful brand owners are the ones who understand the importance of engaging with the community in the places where they spend the most time.

Multi-Channel Branding

Today, if you want to reach customers it is not enough to just have a web presence, you need to make full use of all of the services that are available to you. Social Media Marketing, for example, is no longer something that you can ignore. Even big brands such as Nike are making use of platforms such as Instagram to promote their products. Mobile marketing is big news too, with some analysts predicting that mobile budgets could increase almost three-fold over the next few years.

Reaching Customers With Your Killer Product in 2016

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More and more people are starting shopping online using one device, then completing the purchase using another device. It is important that you facilitate this by making your website as easy to use as possible. This will greatly increase the transaction completion rate and help you to retain more visitors.

Outsource to the Experts

You may want to consider outsourcing some of your digital marketing to a company that has both online experience and local knowledge. Companies such as, which offer Web design in Southampton and digital marketing strategy advice could be invaluable help for you to target the right audience, having been trading for 15 years now since their opening in 2001 they will of picked up a few tricks of the trade as well as some solid information to help you succeed.
Techniques such as only-channel marketing are revolutionizing both marketing and customer service.

Today, if you want to reach as many customers as possible it is important to use local search, apps, mobile and social media. Search and traditional advertising will get you some customers, but a lot of your custom will come from word of mouth advertising. Your customers are your most powerful advocates, and if you provide them with incentives to share your brand then you will find that they are more than happy to do so. Never forget that even in the world of online marketing, it is the human element that is the most important thing.